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Discover the most beautiful cruising areas on Sardinia & Corsica, Mallorca, Croatia, Montenegro, Dubai & Oman, and on the Maldives – and enjoy the exclusive ambience of a luxury motor yacht: Exclusive yacht cruising is now also possible by charter of individual cabins, attended by professional crews, always ready to meet your wishes but withdrawing if you want just privacy.

For this new program exclusive flybridge yachts each with three guest cabins are available. The yachts offer all comfort, air conditioning system, modern entertainment electronics and water sport toys. Detailed specifications of the yachts are available on request.

Sardinia & Corsica: 70 foot yacht with flybridge – customyacht of Futura Yachts UK, with several tenders and water toys

Mallorca: 72-Fuss-Yacht Montefino

Croatia: Sunseeker Manhattan 64 with water ski, jet ski, etc.

Montenegro: 72 foot custom yacht

Dubai: Azimuth of 16 meters

Dubai Creek and fishermen in Oman – different sides of the Near East

Maldives: 105 foot yacht with two decks plus Flybridge and complete diving center.

The yachts can be chartered completely as well, for days and for weeks. Daycharter prices including three cabins for six guests, captain and stewardess: 3000 to 5000 Euros per day, depending on the season. Prices 2009 for cabin charter – 2 examples: one week Sardinia starting from 3,990 euros per person, one week cruising & golf starting in Dubai starting from 8,340 euros per person – food, transfers, trips etc. included.

We will send
you exact dates, descriptions of itinerarires and yachts on request.

Cruising & Golf

With the combined Crusing & Golf routes sportsmen can enjoy the most beautiful golf courses on Mallorca, Sardinia and in Dubai. On-board language is English, also German is partly spoken.

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