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Italy-Sicily-Trapani-yacht-charters-Trapani.jpgThe yacht charter destination Trapani is located in the northwest corner of Sicily – an ideal starting point for trips to the offshore islands of Egadi. The history of Trapani, capital of the province and the seventh largest city in Sicily goes back to Greek mythology in the time of the Trojan War. The name comes from the Greek word for "crescent" Drepanum – named after a crescent-shaped reef southwest of the Old City. Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Arabs and Normans later settled here and left their mark on the city. Fisheries, agriculture, salt production in the large salt works and viticulture long dominated the economic life. The Mattanza, tuna hunting between Trapani and Favignana Island was long considered a traditional tourist attraction. The historic old town has been renovated as well as the port in 2005 – since then, tourism is becoming increasingly important.

The old town with many stately homes, palaces and churches invites Trapani Yacht Charter crews to stroll. If you have time, you can also visit the salt pans and the salt museum. At the fish market, you can buy every morning fresh seafood for the pantry.

Trapani, dominated by the mountain Monte Giuliano, is an important ferry and cargo port for the southern Mediterranean, and more and more cruise ships berth here. The fort on the large outer pier is visible from the sea from afar. Within the large harbor, there are several small marinas for yachts and yacht charter Trapani bases. East of the pier, there is a good area for anchoring. Trapani Yacht Charter crews reach the Marina via Trapani airport which is only 18 Kilometers away.

Most yacht charter Trapani crews are sailing to the Egadi islands: to the main island Favignano (summer tourist attraction), and the other inhabited islands Maraone, Marettimo and Formica. A side trip to nearby Marsala is worthwhile. But a cruise along the northern coast of Sicily to Palermo is interesting as well, with a stop in the picturesque fishing village of Castellammare del Golfo.

Charter yachts Sicily / Trapani: For Yacht Charters in Sicily, sailing yachts in Trapani are available, among others Beneteau and Bavaria yachts.

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